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My work includes services related to overall look, professional make-up, skin care advice and counseling on personal appearance.


 The variety of make-up I tender comprises day-to-day, evening, bridal, photo make-up, fashion and glamor. Integral part of my work is a professional make-up for various workshops, television commercials, spots, fashion shows and other events. The service also includes the provision of complete styling, photographer, location, models and other related services.


I currently cooperate with many leading Czech and foreign photographers, stylists, hairdressers and wedding, advertising and production agencies.

The goal of my work is for you to always feel beautiful, fresh and youthful.



A distinct part of my work are weddings which I specialize in. 

Over the last few years I have gained a lot of experience in this sphere, especially in the field of bridal make-up and hair styling. In compliance with the overall program and the theme of the wedding day I am able to tailor your bridal make-up and hair styling.

The counseling service also includes the provision of accessories and tuning up the overall look of a bride, groom and other guests for the wedding day. I recommend doing a rehearsal in advance of any event or wedding where we fine-tune details and specific needs.


My goal is to provide bride, groom and their guests with not only a beautiful look but first-class service and a pleasant wedding day atmosphere as well. Each wedding requires an individual approach and I devote myself to making it special.



I arrange styling during the photo shoot. I offer a guidance and advice on your choice of wardrobe, jewelry, accessories to make you look and feel great and chic. Your make-up and hair styling will go perfectly with your outfit.

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